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 \NCommonGeneric utility classes, interfaces, etc. that are applicable to a wide range of different applications.
  oNCliClasses for interacting with the user via the System.Console and for controlling external command-line applications.
  oNCollectionsSpecialized collection types supplementing System.Collections.Generic.
  oNControlsWinForms controls and forms designed to simplify common UI designs.
  oNDispatchFunctionality like double dispatch and two/three-way merging.
  oNInfoData structures providing diagnostic information about the application, the operating system, etc..
  oNNativeUtility classes that provide OS-specific helper functions.
  oNNetClasses for network communication.
  oNStorageClasses for data storage and serialization (XML and binary).
  oNStreamsFilter streams and utility classes with helper functions for stream handling.
  oNStructureEditorA universal editor for hierarchical structures with undo support.
  oNTasksClasses for tracking the progress of background tasks.
  oNUndoAn Undo-system based on the Command pattern.
  oNValuesData structures and helpers for Value Types.
  oCAppMutexProvides a cross-process object allowing easy dection of application instances (e.g., for use by installers and update tools). May be a no-op on some platforms.
  oCDisposableInvokes a callback on Dispose.
  oCExceptionUtilsProvides helper methods related to Exceptions.
  oCFuture< T >Combines an EventWaitHandle with a result.
  oCIChangeNotify< TSender >An object that can notify interested parties of changes in properties of interest.
  oCICloneable< out T >Supports cloning.
  oCINamed< T >An object that has a unique human-readable name that can be used for identification in lists and sorting and that can be modified.
  oCLogSends log messages to custom handlers or the Console. Additionally writes to System.Diagnostics.Debug, an in-memory buffer and a plain text file.
  oCMarshalNoTimeoutDerive from this class to enable remoting without timeouts. Keeps remoting object alive as long as process is running.
  oCMutexLockProvides a wrapper around Mutex that automatically acquires on creating and releases on Dispose.
  oCNamedComparer< T >Compares INamed{T} objects based on their INamed{T}.Name in a case-insensitive way.
  oCNotAdminExceptionLike a UnauthorizedAccessException but with the additional hint that retrying the operation as an administrator would fix the problem.
  oCProcessUtilsProvides methods for launching child processes.
  oCPropertyPointer< T >Wraps delegate-based access to a value as a property.
  oCPropertyPointerProvides factory methods for PropertyPointer{T}.
  oCRegistryUtilsProvides utility and extension methods for Registry access.
  oCStagedOperationCommon base class for operations that are first staged and then either commited or rolled back.
  oCStringUtilsProvides additional or simplified string functions.
  oCThreadUtilsProvides helper methods for launching Threads.
  oCTimedLogEventStructure that allows you to log timed execution blocks.
  oCUpdateUtilsProvides neat little code-shortcuts for updating properties.
  oCAsyncFormWrapper< T >Lazily starts a separate thread with a message loop for a Form.
  \CMsgProvides easier access to typical MessageBox configurations and automatically upgrades to TaskDialogs when avialable.